Greetings to all in 2019!

It is my hope that this year will bring many blessings and much joy to you and yours. It is my honor to serve you and to be entrusted to lead and guide this Association in 2019. Our membership is diverse in that we have students representing many colleges and universities and our professional members represent various local, state and federal agencies. We are of many backgrounds yet we all share a common bond of striving to help justice involved individuals change their behaviors, restore their families and communities.

As our profession of community corrections and law enforcement will continue to face many challenges, it is imperative that we continue to support efforts to provide training and networking opportunities so that we will be better prepared to work together, to better serve one another and serve our communities.

It is my hope that you will engage in the various activities and trainings that will be happening this year and that you will continue to support the South Carolina Probation and Parole association with your time and talents. SCPPA is only as strong as it’s members!

In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to meeting new members, engaging past members to recommit to SCPPA, and fostering relationships with other organizations to help grow SCPPA as we approach a new decade. See you all soon!

Best regards,
Catherine Cooper
SCPPA President

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